Jazz Stroll Planner Now Available!

Just because you can visit each of the five venues that make up the Friday, June 15, Summer Jazz Stroll in Clarksburg, WV, doesn’t mean  you have to.

Just because you can listen to all eight ensembles that will be performing within two blocks of each other from 5pm to midnight and later, doesn’t mean you have to do that either.

You can do it anyway you want to do it, and with the new “4 x 90” scheduling, you’re not only free to Stroll in your own fashion, but you’ll be able to access complete 90-minute sets at any of the four venues you choose.

Here’s a Jazz Stroll Planner to help you get things codified:


Click Here to print your own copy at home.

Obviously, you can simply pick one show from each time column and be safely scheduled.

There’s different things to consider.  One friend shared her schedule with us last week (Ms. Early Bird):

At 5pm, she plans to enjoy an calzone at Washington Square while enjoying the @Play Jazz Quintet, the veteran jazzers from the Parkersburg/ Athens music scene.

At 7pm, it’s dessert and coffee at Parker’s while experiencing a recreation of a historic concert by Ken Peplowski and Chuck Redd, playing with a super ensemble featuring Eric Souseff, Steve Rudolph and Lars Swanson.

At 9pm, if she doesn’t stay at Parker’s for the second set, she’ll return to Washington Square, where she hopes to lock into a seat for Rich Norwood’s Current Jazz Band, featuring Jeff Bush on trombone and Adam Loudin on trumpet.    If she waits til 11pm, this show will be only one of two still on the schedule, and the potential for an all-Stroll jam is ever present.

She could  also slip in a visit to Kelly’s, or My Little Cupcake or even the popular and frequently sold-out Fifth Floor Lounge, but that might be overdoing it…if such a thing is possible.

More on some of the bands later.

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