Music Fans Live Not By Jazz Alone! Gotta Have Some Appalachian Bluegrass, Too!

We are learning there is a lot to be shared between the world of jazz fans and the world of bluegrass fans.

The professionally trained musicians can tell you about “modal” and “blues” and the untrained music fan can see how the soloing seems arranged in similar fashion by bands of both genres.

But the thing that caught our attention is the way the audiences relate to both jazz and bluegrass performance – they listen!  Both audiences seem to buy in to the notion that music can be special.

As one artist put it, both genres share the “same improvisational spirit”.  Same musical ideas but with different instruments.

So that we can continue our exploration into the world of  bluegrass, we have scheduled a show with The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers in Weston, WV, on Wednesday, October 17, in The New Bailey House, the eclectic new music and dining venue on Main Avenue.

The New Bailey House was developed by the West Virginia Jazz Society’s partners, the City of Weston’s Fairs & Festivals Committee, as a historically accurate recreation of a famous hotel restaurant from Weston’s early days, also called “Bailey House”.    The Fairs & Festivals folks cleaned the place up, installed antique rugs, lamps and furniture, and served a couple of catered meals there.

After their first successful dinner drew rave reviews, it occurred to several people that the place could be adapted very nicely to live music and so the Bailey  House as an “eclectic music and dining venue” was born.

Check it out.  Come early and stay late. Thyme Bistro, the award-winning restaurant across the street from The New Bailey House, is opening early and will have a music night menu.  They promise if you are there by 5pm. they will entertain you successfully before the start of the music at 6:30pm.  Phone 304-269-7177.

jakobs ferry stragglers


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