Please Continue to Support America’s Only Original Art Form During the Pandemic!

It would be a tragedy if America’s Jazz scene doesn’t survive the pandemic. Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of seeing shows at the majority of the clubs mentioned in this NY Times article, Birdland, Blue Note, Smalls, Iridium, 55 Bar, the Vanguard, and one that isn’t mentioned here, the Jazz Standard. As all true Jazz Fans know there is nothing to compare to the intimacy of seeing immensely talented musicians perform together in a small club. And we’ve seen more than our fair share, including Mr McCaslin who is quoted here. Not only the survival of the clubs but the survival of the art form itself is at stake. Jazz is truly America’s gift to the world. We are particularly moved by the plight of Smalls and encourage you, if you’re able, to donate to their non-profit. We took in a show there on our last trip to NYC in 2019 and the vibe there is just unbelievable. Unlike anywhere else we’ve been. It’s like a temple that exists to exalt in the music and musicianship. Albeit, a decidedly downscale temple in a dingy basement. But that’s the essence and beauty of Jazz and why it is particularly vulnerable now. Check out They are struggling but streaming shows every day with the help of sponsors. But please also check out all of the NYC clubs as most are now presenting live streaming from their stages. Let’s do our part to keep the music going.

We are devastated to hear of the closing of Washington Jazz institution, Twins Jazz. Twins has been the place where we were first able to develop contacts with most, if not all, of the DC and Baltimore area Jazz Artists we have had the honor of hosting here in the Mountain State since 2009. WVJS Favorites like Chuck Redd, Marshall Keys, and Veronneau have all been staples on the Twins stage over the years. It’s a tragic loss for the Jazz community not just in DC but all over the country. Please bookmark the link to their website and visit often as they do plan on finding other ways of supporting the community that they have done so much to nurture over the years.

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